What is?

An easy way for merchants to create, manage and track one time discounts for their customers.

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One Discount Code

Create ONE discount code that you can share with you customers.

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Stop managing unique bulk discount codes. Easily create one time discount codes and let us manage them for you.

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Mailchimp Integration

Create a new customer for every new newsletter subscription and easily grant them a one time discount code in their welcome email.

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Track who's eligible for a one time discount and who actually used it.

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Social Promotions

Use one time discount codes in your social promotions. We'll make sure each customer use it just once!

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Grant one time discounts online or offline, we support both!

Setup One Discount Codes

Complete setup in only 5 minutes!
  • Setup your One Discount codes and your Shopify discount codes.
  • Easily integrate with Mailchimp to grant one time discounts to new subscribers.

Share your One Discount codes

The same One Discount code can be used by all your customers and it will be respected only once per customer!

Easily share it in social media, newsletter signups or any online/offline marketing channels.

Track and Optimize

Track eligible and redeemed one time discount codes.

Tweak and adjust your one time discounts based on usage.


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